Eduvos Modes of Learning

Modes of Learning

Eduvos Modes of Learning 

Post by Eduvos, November 15, 2022.

Eduvos Modes of Learning 

Explore the different ways that you can study by choosing your mode of learning.

Depending on the reason why you are studying you may want different levels of flexibility in your learning. That’s why Eduvos offers various modes of learning to our students.


Full-Time Lecture-Led 

Eduvos is one of the largest full-time private higher education institutions in South Africa and there is a space for you at any of our 12 campuses.

Attend lectures, practicals and tutorials during the day from Monday to Friday. Full-time studies take up most of your weekly schedule attending classes in a blended mode of being either on campus or online, depending on the specific lesson outcomes. Students are in constant contact with the lecturers, which allows for in-class discussions or asking questions if something is unclear. You can get to know your lecturers and access more feedback, tips and study help when you need it.

Our smart blended learning approach combines the unique benefits of physical on-campus interaction and engagement with the flexibility of synchronous, online virtual classes that accommodate lifestyles, and instils a holistic higher education approach by weekly alternating physical on-campus and virtual online classes. Complete your qualification in the minimum duration of 1 year for higher certificates and 3 years for a degree programme and immerse yourself into student life full-time 

Full-Time After Hours 

A limited number of programmes, mainly aimed at working adults, are offered full-time after hours, with all live online* lectures hosted in the evenings or on weekends. In addition to the benefits of the online part-time option, our full-time after-hours option allows you to complete your qualification over one year for a higher certificate and three years for a degree programme. If you have the capacity and time to study full-time but are unable to join lectures during the day, this is the ideal solution.

Online Part-Time   

We believe in putting you at the centre of your education. We offer a range of part-time degrees, higher certificates and short learning programmes designed to provide you with the platform to create new legacies. Our online part-time, flexible qualifications fit in with your schedule, not the other way around. Students can attend and participate in live, synchronous lectures after-hours, conveniently offered virtually via an online platform* and supported by a Learner Management System (LMS) that allows students to engage with their learning material at the time of their convenience, offering more opportunities for learning outside the classroom. This enables students to confidently prepare for and engage in the live lecture sessions. Students can also access these live online lectures from 1 of our 12 campuses using campus resources and facilities.

Study while you work and gain the kind of practical, marketable skills that increase your workplace value. Our part-time qualifications are typically offered over 18 months for higher certificates, or 5 years degrees, but may vary depending on the number of modules that you complete per academic block.

If you are a working professional or if time is not on your side, then studying online part-time with Eduvos could be your best option.
Transform your career, earn that promotion or get the education you’ve been dreaming of. Study Anytime, Anywhere.

*In terms of the Council of Higher Education Extension of the Concession for Programmes Accredited for Contact Mode of Provisioning to Continue to be Offered through Remote Online Distance/Blended Modes of Provisioning in 2023.  
*In terms of the Council on Higher Education - Extension of the Concession for Programmes Accredited for Contact Mode of Provisioning to Continue to be Offered through Remote Online Distance/Blended Modes of Provisioning in 2023.   

Saturday Classes 

For some of our degrees such as Honours in Information Technology, Business Management or Graphic Design, we offer our full-time lectures predominantly on Saturdays, although some qualifications may have consultations or practicals during the week (after hours). Where applicable, these classes may be offered from our Midrand campus, although students can access the live lectures online*.

*In terms of the Council on Higher Education Extension of the Concession for Programmes Accredited for Contact Mode of Provisioning to Continue to be Offered through Remote Online Distance/Blended Modes of Provisioning. 

Self-Paced Mastery Learning Methodology (MLM) 

Self-paced, which also goes by MLM (Mastery Learning Methodology) enables students to study at their own pace. This modular, self-directed learning approach gives you the flexibility to start and progress through the programme at a pace that best suits you, with our lecturers providing academic support and guidance. Our self-paced offerings are best suited to students who want to study an IT qualification, students who want to study in just one year and enter the working world, or adult technology professionals who want to upskill or specialise in a specific field. If you want to break into the IT industry, these Higher Certificate options are for you.

At Eduvos, we offer world-class IT qualifications, from Software Development and Cyber Security to Robotics, Machine Learning and more, using our own special MLM class format, so that the world of 4IR is at your fingertips.

Start your Self-Paced MLM qualification on the 1st or 3rd Monday of any month. Start dates are published on our website.Explore our Information Systems Higher Certificates.

We also offer a Student Affairs Advisor in all our modes that support you to make the most of your studies.

Not only does Eduvos make learning achievable in different modes, but we also make learning accessible to all throughout the year with our 4 intakes in February, May, July and October. This means you can take control of your education and study the way that best suits you.

Make your choice and study a qualification that best suits your lifestyle.