Bloemfontein Campus

Welcome to Bloemfontein Campus. This brand new campus can be found in the heart of Bloemfontein. With state-of-the-art facilities, student wellness events and resource center, the student is always put first. Through the lecture halls, topics about business management, information technology and the future of work can be heard. After class, students can be found relaxing in the student area or grabbing a bite to eat before heading off to one of the various student clubs on campus.
World-class academic staff
World-class academic staff
Our experienced staff have both academic and industry backgrounds – they’ve been on the frontlines and know what it takes to succeed. Get the perfect blend of textbook and real-world learning from experts committed to your success.
It’s not simply about studying, it’s about building the practical, real-world skills and experiences you’ll need to conquer the workplace.
Teaching tailored to you
Teaching tailored to you
At Eduvos we put you at the centre of your education. Smaller class sizes means closer interaction with our lecturers, which encourages better understanding, results and independent thinking.
We offer 21st century learning that goes beyond the lecture hall. Whether you’re seeking in-person classes, online learning or a combination of both, you choose the mode of teaching that suits your lifestyle.
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  Contact Details
161 Zastron St,
Free State
+27 (0) 51 430 2701

Eduvos has partnered with DigsConnect to provide housing options to our students in locations around South Africa, close to an Eduvos campus. Click here to see the housing options closest to this campus.

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Frequently asked questions.

What is the history behind Eduvos?
Eduvos has a deep-rooted history in South Africa that started in 1979 with the founding of the Computer Technology Institute (CTI). It was later merged with the Midrand Graduate Institute (MGI) and operated for some years as Pearson Institute of Higher Education (PIHE). Our new and improved name is a result of a change of ownership and a new and heightened focus on high quality education and blended learning across South Africa.
At Eduvos we pride ourselves as one of South Africa’s largest independent private higher education institutions with 12 campuses across the country and many international students. We offer over 27 degrees in Commerce & Law, Humanities and Arts, Applied Science, and Information Technology and offer countless Higher Certificate and Pre-degree programmes that help students further their education and employability prospects.
Is Eduvos an accredited institution?
Eduvos is a fully accredited degree-conferring institution and is a registered private higher education institution with the Department of Higher Education and Training under the Education Act No. 101 of 1997. Registration Certificate Number: 2001/HE07/008. Eduvos is registered on the National Qualification Framework (NQF) by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). Our qualifications are recorded nationally and internationally through SAQA. Eduvos is accredited by the South African Higher Education Quality Committee (HEQC) (South Africa) of the Council on Higher Education (CHE).
Where applicable, Eduvos qualifications are registered, recognised or endorsed by the relevant professional bodies.
How will studying at Eduvos benefit me?
At Eduvos we actively help our students navigate every step of their individual journeys from enrolment to building the career of your dreams. We pioneer drive and ambition into our students. From our highly accredited and internationally recognised qualifications to the real-world skills gained at our employability centers, we pride ourselves on academic excellence. Enjoy smaller classrooms, state-of-the-art faclities, a flexible study approach and experienced staff that will mentor and provide you with personalized support and guidance to push through challenges and grow. Get an accredited qualification as well as the skills that will boost your employablity capablities after studying.
Why should I choose Eduvos Bloemfontein?
Our new and improved Bloemfontein campus is situated in the heart of the city. Enjoy state-of-the-art facilities, events and personalised learning with smaller classes and one-on-one attention. Get all the perks of a fully accredited degree and real-world skills without having to leave your hometown.
What courses or qualifications can I study at Bloemfontein?
We have a range of degrees to select in 2022, choose to study either a Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Commerce in Law.
Bachelor of science in Information Technology specialising in either Software Engineering, Robotics, Data Science or Security and Network Engineering.
Bachelor of Arts specialising in either General, Graphic Design, Psychology and English or Psychology and HR Management 
Further your studies with a Higher Certificate in Business Management or a Higher Certificate in Information Systems that specialises in either Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Data Analytics, Engineering, Internet Development, Machine Learning, Robotics and Intelligent Systems, Software Development, Open Source or Network Engineering. 
*All our qualifications are dependent on student numbers and could change at any time. Contact your student advisor at Bloemfontein to find out what your options are.
What facilities does the Bloemfontein Campus have?
WiFi Access to all students 
Resource Center
State-of-the-art IT Labs
Online & on campus learning facilities
A dedicated lab, smart pod and exam room for Higher Certificate in Information Systems Students
How experienced are the lecturers at Bloemfontein?
Our aim is to enrich the lives of our students through recruiting lecturers and academics that have a combination of the academic qualifications and the relevant industry and practical experience. At many of our Eduvos campuses you will find a wealth of knowledge from our staff who hold MBA’s PhD’s and Doctorates in their respective fields. We utilise both permanent staff, as well as contractual lecturers who are employed in their industry as well. We have a growing database of industry partners and guest presenters who cater for our students and assist in possible graduate opportunities, and internships.
Is Eduvos internationally recognised?
Yes, we ensure the international acceptance and recognition of our Eduvos degrees through our registration with SAQA. A South African qualification is often highly valued due to the strict quality standards and assurance in which intuitions like ours adhere to.
Are there any student clubs, societies or events that I can join?
You can join various student bodies or clubs at the Bloemfontein Campus such as; The SRC (Student Representative Counsel), Poetry & writing, Drama & arts or become a class representive. If you are a 1st year student, you can also sign up to one of our many mentorship initiatives.
When can I start studying?
Our full-time qualifications have four intakes per year, this means you have four opportunities to enrol. We also offer a range of qualifications with flexible start dates for our part-time and blended qualifications. 
To view our enrolment dates visit 
To contact your nearest campus complete the form at the bottom of this page.