Your Employability. Our Priority.

At Eduvos we prioritise the employability of our students. We understand that Eduvos is only the first step in our students’ professional path and therefore we have taken steps to ensure they are secure after they leave our campuses.

Our dedicated employability centre helps students find a job placement to ensure they are secure after they leave Eduvos. The center also helps students who want to further their studies at other institutions. Along with our employability centres, our academic staff strive to ensure our students are equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills to enter the working world with confidence. Creating opportunities for our Vossies to join local clubs and societies and connect our students with our corporate partners for internships and job opportunities.

We do this through career fairs, business breakfasts, industry-backed competitions, and our work readiness programmes. Vossies are building relevant knowledge and networks in their chosen career path.

Career Fairs

The Eduvos Career Fairs are opportunities for our students to interact, network, and explore career opportunities with industry leaders. The aim is to connect Eduvos students, our Vossies, and our graduates with the best in business so that the students can pursue their career journey.

At the Career Fairs, our industry partners will have the opportunity to select the best from the Eduvos talent pool. Thus, supporting the industry to fill key positions with the perfect candidate.

Some of the companies exhibiting include, but are not limited to:

  • Platinum Life
  • Truworths
  • Clicks
  • Amazon
  • Momentum
  • MTN
  • Standard Bank
  • RAiN Chartered Accountants Inc.
  • Old Mutual

Eduvos has an ongoing relationship with industry partners that gives our students a competitive edge in various industries. Any company interested in becoming an employability and/or industry partner with Eduvos can reach out to Marna Wessels marna.wessels@eduvos.com in our Employability Centre. Eduvos’s dedicated teams host various events throughout the year, some of which include Hack Jams, Student Showcases, Entrepreneurship Days, hosting guest speakers, and Industry Breakfasts. These events provide opportunities for students and industry professionals to network in their respective professions.

Work Readiness Programmes

Eduvos students studying qualifications that have a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Programme as part of the curriculum are required to participate during their final year of study. The program runs over 4–6 weeks, during which students engage in practical assignments where they get to apply decision-making, problem-solving and knowledge integration skills.

The Eduvos WIL programme is beneficial to industry partners, hosting companies, and our students. It affords different organisations the opportunity for soon-to-be graduates to render their services to the company, assist with operational challenges, and provide new innovative thinking and ideas. Students, on the other hand, gain practical industry experience and exposure to start networking proactively for future employability. Many of our students are offered full-time employment or work opportunities by the host company, post-graduation.

Organisations interested in hosting Eduvos’ students for their WIL programme and assignment must please contact their nearest Eduvos Campus.


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