Work Readiness and Resource Centres


The goal of the Employability Programme at the Pearson Institute of Higher Education is to equip our students with the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully assimilate themselves into the working world once they leave our campus. In order to make our students Real World Ready, we offer assistance with: Creating a CV, hosting mock nterviews, as well as career guidance and advice. From their first year of study, we aim to mould our students into employable graduates who are able to successfully obtain employment and comfortably navigate their working environments. 
For students who wish to pursue further studies, the Academic Manager and Student Affairs Advisor will assist students in obtaining the necessary information and support documentation for applying for further studies/post-graduate opportunities at PIHE or at other institutions.  

The Virtual Employability Centre (VEC)

All students have access to the Virtual Employability Centre (VEC): an online platform which affords them the opportunity to increase their knowledge through over 700 short courses. The VEC also grants you access to an array of career assessments and quizzes, offers you advice on your CV and cover letter, and allows you to hone your interview skills through mock interviews. 

Students are also guided through their employability journeys in the form of regular workshops which focus on an array of topics aimed at improving their skills and knowledge through interactive presentations, discussions and activities.

Employability workshops may include topics such as professionalism in the workplace, creating your CV, interview skills and mastering the elevator pitch. We will also host various employability-related events throughout the year during which students can interact with potential employers, network, and practice their skills obtained through the employability workshops and the VEC. 

Student Activities/Clubs

  • Cafeteria - you can order food and drinks from the Feedem kitchen. You can sit and eat in the cafeteria as well, Covid-19 protocols permitting. 
  • Outside Picnic Benches 
  • Soccer Pitch - the recreation area is there for students to use.