Congratulations with your enrolment, please complete the form below to setup a debit order.

Kindly complete the form below to setup a debit order. You can also contact if you need any further information.

Ensure that you include the student's id number and student number in your correspondence.

Kindly also ensure that there is no spaces in account numbers, id numbers or student numbers. ID number and student number must match our records to initiate a debit order.

1st months fee are not payable via a debit order, payment can be made on campus or by EFT, should an EFT be done, please use student number or ID number as a payment reference. Debit order will be set up to be deducted monthly for the remaining time and fees as per contract. Fees are due in advance by the 1st of each month.
If a debit order needs to be amended, send a message to who will assist you.

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