Student Wellness and Support

At Eduvos we recognise the importance of a holistic education. We understand the difficulties and complexities that learners face in today's inconsistent and uncertain world - both at home and externally.

We realise that education involves the whole human, which is why one of our core values is that "we show up with humanness". We avail ourselves to equip our students with the skills and necessary support to cope and thrive in challenging circumstances and environments.

To facilitate this on campus, we arrange regular events and workshops; and make available a range of facilities and services that support students to both complete the academic part of their journey as well as support life skills; and have an appreciation for some of the topical issues that young people are faced with. 

We remain committed to providing a safe and wholesome environment in which the student and the institution takes responsibility for the learning journey.

Students are always able to access
  • Ongoing academic and life support through our Student Affairs Advisors that constantly support students throughout their academic journey's. 
  • Counselling is made available on campus through our regional psychologists and counsillors and other external councillors. 
  • 24 hour help-line through the SADAG Crisis Line 0800-567-567 and Lifeline 011-728-1331 and Higher Health 0800-36-36-36.
  • Campus General Managers who ensure that services are accessible on their campus and that students are supported.
  • Student representative council that support pro-active identification of student issues and that support resolution of those challenges. 
  • Class Representatives who meet with the Institution to discuss challenges and progress.
  • Specific procedures for crisis intervention or imminent danger. 
  • Student to student grievances can be raised with the student affairs advisors, campus counselling staff and campus principal that will direct it in line with our student support policy and procedures.  

The aim of our interventions is to support all dimensions of a person's development while going through programmes in all of the major dimensions of interaction. 
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Physical 
  • Intellectual
  • Cultural inclusivity
  • Financial

Our student wellness framework have specific guidance on support for :
  • Alcohol and substance abuse
  • Sexual health issues
  • Family planning
  • Students with disabilities
  • Mental health awareness
  • Preventative interventions
  • Language support programmes
  • Depression
  • Stress 
  • Trauma
At Eduvos there is zero tolerance of 
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Sexual abuse and sexual harassment
  • Gender based violence of any nature
  • Intolerance, hate speech and violation of a person's human rights. 

Some of the activities that we have arranged in the past includes:
  • Encouraging healthy lifestyles
  • Engaging in sport and other physical exercise activities
  • Study techniques and life skills training is part of all of our courses
  • Creating awareness of dangers of drug abuse
  • Creating awareness of gender based violence and sexual harassment
  • Blood donation drives
  • Encouraging safe sexual practices
  • Healthy eating
  • Mental health campaigns on various topics
  • Stigmatisation awareness
  • Mentorships and buddy schemes to support student transitions
  • SRC initiatives to enhance face to face and virtual networking
  • Social events on campus
  • Cultural diversity seminars
  • Advice on financial aspects of being a student
  • Financial life skills
  • Support programmes for building computer literacy for studying
  • Additional student learning support on a case by case and group basis
  • Exam anxiety workshops
  • Inclusive learning environments for students with special needs. 

For more information on this you are welcome to interact with our campus staff that are there to create a healthy and focused learning environment that is respectfull to every student. 


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