Privacy Policy

Eduvos (Pty) Ltd is committed to the protection of the students and/sponsors Personal Information, and in doing so respects the student/sponsor’s right to privacy as enshrined in the South African Constitution. In doing so Eduvos recognises that in processing any Personal Information whether for the purposes of Application to study at Eduvos, subsequent enrolment with Eduvos and/or the use of the Eduvos Site, at all times, will comply with any statutory requirements (as may be applicable from time to time) including but not limited to the Protection of Personal Information Act, 4 of 2013 (“POPI”).

Personal Information Collected via a Higher Education Consultant (“HEC”) and/or through the use of the Eduvos Site:

  1. Personal Information relating to identifying particulars of a Student and/or Sponsor, including Full name, address, contact information (both telephone and email), Identity Number of the student and sponsor (which will include any Personal information which Eduvos can use to identify you) the student’s academic achievements (such as matriculation marks) as well as academic results from other universities and/or institutions (should this be the case) (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information”). which may be required in order for the conclusion of an enrolment agreement between the Student/Sponsor and Eduvos.

  2. Data usage in relation to the use of the Eduvos Site: Such information may be collected by Eduvos through the use of cookies and may include IP address, geographical location, browser type and version, referral source as well as information relating to the timing, frequency and pattern of use of the Eduvos Site.

    1. For more information in relation to the collection of Personal Information through the use of cookies, please refer to the Eduvos cookie policy

Ensuring Privacy of the Personal Information shared with Eduvos:

As mentioned above, Eduvos is committed to the preservation of Personal Information in order that we not only safeguard one of our most valued assets but also ensure that such safeguarding and/or protection is done in such a manner so as to foster a relationship of trust between the student/sponsor and the Eduvos Brand. At all times, any Personal Information collected by Eduvos will be processed strictly in accordance with POPI. For the purposes of the above, Eduvos (in terms of section 18 of the POPI) is required to bring the following to your attention:

  1. The Personal Information pertaining the student/sponsor is collected by Eduvos in order to process the student’s application or in order to allow the student to access and use the Eduvos website.

  2. The Personal Information  will be processed by Eduvos in order verify the students’ application to study in order to assess whether the student meets the required criteria for an applicable Programme. This information will only be used by Eduvos to consider and determine admission to the applicable Programme offered by Eduvos.

  3. Eduvos undertakes to only source and/collect Personal Information directly from yourself (as the student), your Parent/Legal Gaudian/Sponsor, the Department of Education and other education providers (only where applicable).

  4. Eduvos may use and transfer such Personal Information (which may also include Special Personal Information, such as Race) in electronic format or other format for Eduvos purposes consistent with Eduvos’s relationship with the student and former student including the submission of data for the National Learners’ Record Database and other returns as required by the Department of Higher Education and Training.

  5. As a result, Personal Information may be transferred, stored, and processed in a country other than South Africa. In this regard, reasonable contractual and other measures have been taken to protect the Personal Information while outside South Africa (such measures will be no less stringent than that provided for in terms POPI).

  6. Your failure to provide consent for the processing of Personal Information in terms of this privacy policy may compromise your admission to study at Eduvos.

  7. Throughout your studies at Eduvos, you as the student as well as the sponsor will have the right to access and amend any information processed and/or stored by Eduvos at any reasonable time.

  8. Should you (as the student or sponsor) feel that Eduvos is not living up to this policy in regard to your Personal Information, you have the right to direct a compliant regarding the processing of your Personal Information to the Information Regulator.

  9. By signing the Application Form or alternatively by using the Eduvos Site, the student and sponsor accept, agree, and understand that:

    1. Eduvos may keep and process Personal Information and/or data or any documents supplied pursuant to this application as well as subsequent enrolment with Eduvos in electronic format, including the Personal Information supplied by the student and sponsor to Eduvos, which may also include biometric information, which will only be used solely for identification purposes, upon the student completing his/her registration with Eduvos;

    2. Eduvos may use and transfer such Personal Information and/or data in electronic form (which may include Special Personal Information) or other formats for Eduvos’s purposes consistent with Eduvos’s relationship with the student and/or former student including submission of data for the National Learners’ Record Database and other returns as required by the Department of Higher Education and Training;

    3. That Eduvos may process the students’ Personal Information in accordance with its rules and policies for academic and administrative purposes, including disciplinary processes and that Eduvos may use electronically generated documents in place of the originals signed by me.

  10. In addition to the above (and only applicable where the student is still in the process of completing his/her secondary education), the student accepts, agrees, and understands that Eduvos may communicate with the student’s secondary school about his/her application details with the purpose of supporting my application for the applicable Programme at Eduvos.

Sources of Personal Information:

  • Student Application and/or student enquiry cards.

  • Information collected directly from the student/sponsor by an Eduvos Higher Education Consultant.

  • Cookies through the Eduvos Website.

Eduvos (as Responsible Party) contact Details:

Information Regulator:

  • Address: JD House, 27 Stiemens Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, 2001

  • Email:

Eduvos PAIA Manual:

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