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All Eduvos students are required to participate in a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) programme during their final year of study. In the WIL programme students are immersed into the day-to-day running of a department within an organisation. This practical work exposure provides students with an overview of what they can expect in future employment opportunities and within their field of study.

The WIL programme runs over 4–6-weeks. Students work on practical assignments where they get to apply decision-making, problem-solving, knowledge integration, and other 20th-century skills they have learnt in the workplace.

The Eduvos WIL programme is beneficial to host-companies and to our students. It affords different organisations the opportunity for soon-to-be graduates to render their services to the company, assist with operational challenges, and to provide new innovative thinking and ideas. Students, on the other hand, gain practical industry experience and exposure to start networking proactively for future employability.

Many of our students are offered full-time employment or work opportunities by the host-company, post-graduation.

Organisations interested in hosting Eduvos’ students for their WIL programme and assignment must please contact their nearest Eduvos Campus or
marna.wessels@eduvos.com directly.


Producing employable graduates is a priority for Eduvos. We want our students to be work-ready and successful.

Our Work Readiness and Career Services Unit prepares students for their professional and entrepreneurial journey. At Eduvos, students start with this preparation from their very first year of study. All students are encouraged to participate in the various work-readiness programmes that are tailored to each year of study. These programmes include events, training, career fairs, and industry exposure opportunities that are specially designed and offered.

Eduvos has an ongoing relationship with industry partners that gives our students a competitive edge in various industries.

Below is a list Work Readiness Industry partners:


DBA Archirtect:

“The number one challenge for business decision-makers is the lack of business competency to deal with data that is messy, diverse, or large. At DBA Architect we meet data challenges by implementing master data management systems that are designed to fulfil several enterprise needs, but overall our goal is to bring data harmony to all types of ecosystems.”

eNew Media:

“Eduvos has helped us to expand and grow our creative team. They supplied us with great and talented candidates. We were able to select creative specialists to join our young, dynamic team. Eduvos went above and beyond to ensure our unique candidate criteria was met with each candidate.”


Enterprise outsourcing:

Build up your business with our innovative and 
comprehensive technology solutions that are cost effectivemanaged
monitored and deployed for
all business sizes on a global scale. Tailored to meet your business needs.”
At Enterprise Outsourcing we build these solutions specifically to meet each unique clients needs for revenue growth.

The IACD's partnership with Eduvos:

“We are delighted to officially announce our partnership with Eduvos. The relationship was formed on our shared values for promoting learner-focused education that provides students with future-fit skills.”We are delighted to officially announce our partnership with Eduvos. The relationship was formed on our shared values for promoting learner-focused education that provides students with future-fit skills.



The calibre of individuals we have been able to interact with and work with from Eduvos has completely exceeded all expectations I ever had. From working with some incredibly talented people to working with people who have a work ethic that blows me away.

Eduvos students are going to be some of the first people I always think about when I have any hiring needs

eNew Media:

“We are a small company with big dreams and high expectations. Our core values include staying at the top of our game and always delivering high-quality work. This is exactly what we get from the Eduvos IT graduates. IT is a very tough and competitive industry to work in, but because of the foundation provided by Eduvos, the junior programmers successfully manage their responsibilities.”

SA personnel:

“SA Personnel is a leading HR and Payroll outsourced solution provider since 2002. Our aim is to build meaningful relationships, with trust and support with clients by partnering with leading suppliers that allow you to contain your costs, ensure compliance and improve performance.”


SDP Software Solutions:

Eduvos has gone above and beyond in helping us build our dynamic development team. Not only do they supply us with great candidates, but with a good amount of them so as to give us a chance to find the individuals suited to our teams, our culture and our development needs.”f our workforce are Eduvos graduates, and the number keeps growing.


Secured Enterprise:

“Cyber Security is a hard field to be in, and Eduvos has presented talented and detail-oriented candidates to us to grow our team and offer robust protection to our customers. The candidates fit in with our culture and enhanced our core values that are based on offering reliable and comprehensive cyber protection. “


“As a small, developing company with big dreams and expectations, Eduvos assisted us in finding candidates that suited our needs. The sourced candidates met our requirements and fit in with our team and enhanced our core values.”

List of additional Work Readiness Industry partners (No formal affiliation agreement in place)

  • Autumn Leaf
  • Spinnaker (Agreement in place)
  • Servest
  • DevSavvy (Agreement in place)
  • TablePOS
  • Isizwe Recruitment (Agreement in place)
  • OVC Work, Study Travel
  • Blackbark Productions (GradStar Awards)
  • Sebrio
  • MPC Connect
  • Traderoot
  • Seeside
  • Herotel
  • Capitec
  • Boardroom Appointments
  • LeftClick
  • Cortez
  • Owl Africa

List of industry partners for WIL

  • ACCSYS (Sandton)
  • Cipher Wave (Midrand)
  • Ricoh (Sandton)
  • SERVEST (Midrand, Waltloo, Pretoria)
  • Vista Clinic – (Centurion)
  • De Zoete Rust (Centurion)
  • Gauteng Enterprise Propeller (Johannesburg)
  • DTS (Johannesburg)
  • AU (ACE) International School (Midrand)
  • ICITP (Midrand)
  • Chalkline Sports (Johannesburg)
  • I LOVE ZA.COM (Johannesburg)
  • Jaguar (Pretoria)
  • Burrows Attorneys (Sandton)

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