Vanderbijlpark Campus

Work Readiness and Resource Centres

The goal of the Employability Programme is to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully assimilate themselves into the working world. From their first-year of study, we aim to mould our students into employable graduates who are able to successfully obtain employment and comfortably navigate working environments.  

Virtual Employability Centre (VEC)

All students have access to the Virtual Employability Centre (VEC): an online platform which affords them the opportunity to increase their knowledge through over 700 short courses.

Work Readiness Webinars 

Students are also guided through virtual webinars which focus on an array of topics. The webinars are aimed at improving skills and knowledge through interactive presentations, discussions and activities.

Employability workshops will include topics such as building a personal brand, CV writing, interview skills, mastering the elevator pitch, networking, negotiation, managing an online footprint, moving into self-employment, understanding individual strengths and weaknesses, and E-applications.

Vanderbijlpark campus will also be hosting a career fair during which students can interact with potential employers, network and practice skills obtained through the employability workshops and the VEC.