Eduvos Purpose and Values

Purpose of Eduvos

Shaping potential - student by student - towards Africa's prosperity.

Values of Eduvos

An organisation is driven by its values.

Eduvos consulted widely with staff and students and other stakeholders and adopted the values below to highlight the way we do things at Eduvos. These values ensures that we deliver value for all our stakeholders. We are guided by them as an institution and must also be practiced by our students as it represents some of the graduate attributes that we believe is required to fulfill our purpose. 

We show up with humanness

  • Break down barriers and really listen, encouraging individuals to bring their full and unique contribution. 
  • Keep people in the loop and be open and honest with each other. 
  • Actively build a happy and connected Edu-vibe. 

We think and act with entrepreneurial spirit

  • Think big and go on strategic adventures, for better results. 
  • Work with tenacity and spirit to overcome obstacles together. 
  • Jump in and get our hands dirty, taking ownership and getting things done. 

We take accountability to learn and grow

  • Hold each other to high standards, never letting go of quality. 
  • Look honestly at mistakes, translating learning in practical changes. 
  • Be curious and go beyond boundaries to cultivate transformational learning. 

We contribute by driving relevance

  • Keep connected to the bigger picture of real-world needs. 
  • Foster relationships and open innovation across campuses and communities. 
  • Relentlessly steer applicability, creating knock-on positive impact. 

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