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Take on the legal and business world with the Eduvos School of Law.
Looking to establish law and order? The Eduvos School of Law prepares you for work in many areas of Business Law, Economics, Psychology, Political Science and more. Business minded?
Choose Bcom Law. Love Humanities and have an interest in industrial Psychology? Choose BA Law.
With the Eduvos school of Law we’ve got you covered.
Why should I choose to study a BCom/BA?
A Bachelor of Commerce in Law is the perfect fit for students who have an interest in both law and business. This means you can pursue a range of career options once you graduate in both fields. A Bachelor of Arts majoring in Law gives you the freedom to substitute some of your modules for non-law subjects alongside a selection of Law modules such as psychology for example.
Why choose a career in law?
We have compiled the top reasons to study Commerce and Law, and kick start your career in business.
You can become the best in business
You can become the best in business
Our School of Law has a foundation in commerce, making our degrees broad but intensive. Depending on your passion, you have the option to specialise in a field that suits you best.
You have the chance to help others
You have the chance to help others
Studying law opens avenues to help others. Whether you take the path of Psychology, Law, or Political Science, you can make a measurable impact on society and be a helpful hand to those in need.
Go Corporate or start your own Business
Go Corporate or start your own Business
You have options. Be the legal eagle in any corporate company leading the legal department or, if you want to work in human rights you can lead the change in family law or constitutional law. Want to branch out on your own? Become a consultant and help organisations in both the public and private sectors.
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