Fund Your Studies with Capitec Education Finance.

Fund Your Studies with Capitec Education Finance.

Fund Your Studies with Capitec Education Finance.

Post by Eduvos, November 16, 2023.

We've created a series where we will introduce you to some of our funding partners to show you just how easy it is to finance your studies at Eduvos. 

At Eduvos, we want to make private higher education accessible to everyone, so we are incredibly excited about partnering with one of South Africa’s most innovative banks. We recently visited the beautiful Capitec Head Office in Technopark, Stellenbosch, where we sat down with Capital Education Finance, in association with SmartFunder. 

Capitec Education Finance is a partnership between Smart Funder, a fintech company, and Capitec, a bank, thus offering the best of both worlds. Capitec Education Finance believes that applying for educational finance should be as easy and straightforward as possible. 

Capitec Education Finance offers education loans of up to R500,000 to pay for tuition and educational expenses, with up to 84 months to pay. 

You can seek financing assistance through a simple 5 minute process online . You will be connected with a consultant to guide you through the process. 

There are two application options. You can simply get an estimate if you just want to see what you qualify for. You don't have to accept it then and there, but you have the comfort of knowing that when the time is right and you want to apply, finance will be available. 

Your second option is to go right ahead and apply for a loan. Students who are pre-enrolled with Eduvos, or have already enrolled, will receive an acceptance letter with your Eduvos student number. This enables you to connect with Capitec Education Finance and start the loan application process. It is important to have the person who will be responsible for the loan either with you when you apply for the loan, or to have their contact details available, so you can forward them the application to complete. Once you’ve completed the initial application, you will get a call from a Capitec employee who will guide you through the last steps. Once the loan is approved, Capitec Education Finance will connect directly with Eduvos to ensure the funds are available from your first day of class. 

It is crucial to plan ahead so that you have time to choose the right qualification and the funding option that works best for you. 

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