Eduvos Launches Esports Team

Eduvos Launches Esports Team

Eduvos Launches Esports Team.

Post by Eduvos,  24 February 2023.

We are excited to announce that we will be launching esports teams at several of our campuses in 2023.  

Eduvos is innovating the higher education market. Beyond just providing quality education, our mission requires us to open doors of opportunity to students, empower the leaders of tomorrow and promote diversity in the fourth industrial revolution.  

Esports comprise of various online and offline games in an organised, competitive environment between teams and are governed by a strict set of rules and guidelines. Eduvos recognises the importance of esports and we look forward to building a vibrant community where students can come together to play their favourite games, develop their skills, and compete in organised events.  

Eduvos has partnered with RGB Gaming to bring esports to various campuses. RGB Gaming is a web-based esports management tool supporting the entire spectrum of competition, from ad-hoc matches to major league tournaments. RGB Gaming and Eduvos collaborated at the 2022 rAge Expo, where the opportunity arose for esports to be introduced at Eduvos.   

Though the project will only be implemented at some of Eduvos’ 12 campuses for now, with plans to expand to all campuses over the next year.   

Though it is centred around online games, esports has been hailed for its various attributes like fostering community and inclusivity. The sport is team-based and collaboration between team members is vital to their success. Players also learn to strategise and adapt to changes quickly during games. Unlike most sports, esports are inclusive as they do not discriminate against gender, race, disability, or age.   

Eduvos is also excited about the academic opportunities that esports can provide students. Esports provides a bridge to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) fields as teams must analyse data, review their strategies and learn to understand the computer hardware and software.  

“Eduvos is embracing new technology and believes in providing its student a future-facing pathway for success. Esports is a medium in which we want to enable the African games market with the more than 2000 developers that leave our programmes annually. We are also excited with our partners about the job creation of esports on the continent as a growing medium to enable African voices and stories.” says Dr Riaan Steenberg, a board member of the NedEd group under which Eduvos falls.   

“Esports holds massive potential for our students to grow, find community and, of course, enjoy themselves. We all remember the games that we played together and this is the basis of creating communities that can work together towards mutual goals. We hope that students may apply what they learn in their studies to esports and vice versa. Esports in education for us is one pillar that includes our work in AI, Experienced Reality, serious games and robotics as exciting platforms that will be part of the work environment of the future.”  

However, it’s not just students in STEM who can hone their skills in esports. Fashion, graphic design and government policies have all been influenced by esports. Eduvos hopes that students from different faculties will find opportunities to learn skills that they can apply to their studies.  

Esports will form part of Eduvos’ tech-driven approach to learning. We recently announced that we would be incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality into our teaching through a partnership with EON Reality. The technology will be introduced from the fourth block of 2023.  

Eduvos will be at more local events throughout the year for those who wish to find out more about our esports offering.  

To all our Gauteng and Potchefstroom Vossies!  

Join us tomorrow with RGB Gaming at the first-ever E-Fit Festival at Old Parks, 1 Garden Road, Bordeux, Randburg from 09:00 to 13:00. Entrance is free!