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Study a Pre-Degree Foundation Programme at Eduvos.

Post by Eduvos, January 20, 2023.


If you’re a student with potential, determination and drive but didn’t meet the admission requirements for an Eduvos Degree qualification, then we have a great option for you!  

Eduvos Pre-Degree Foundation Programmes  

Our Pre-Degree Foundation Programmes helps you to bridge the gap between high school and higher education. These access programmes will help to improve your academic skills, knowledge and behaviours, and give you a chance to settle into and adapt to tertiary education and our style of instruction. We want to ensure you’re ready to navigate your future studies and are better prepared both academically and with much more confidence. We will help you to develop essential interpersonal and life skills such as critical and analytical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and communication. 

Once you have passed your Pre-Degree Foundation Programme, you will be able to further your studies towards a Degree at Eduvos*. 

How are our Pre-Degree Foundation Programmes beneficial?   

“Evidence has shown that over the years, students who have passed through our pre-degree programme have an advantage in their first year of studies, having adjusted to higher education expectations. We find that our students can identify what best works for them and work on how to study better, showing incredible progress, often finishing top of their class and completing their qualifications in record time. ” 

- Lavender Nyakudya, Communications Programme Manager, Eduvos Humanities Faculty 


 We offer 5 Pre-Degree streams namely: 

- Commerce & Law 

- Graphic Design  

- Information Technology  

- Science 

- Social Science 


Give us an opportunity to help you realise your potential - you can be anything that you want to be in future.  

Apply online at or visit any of our 12 campuses nationwide. 


*Please note: A Pre-Degree Foundation Programme grants you entrance to pursue a Degree qualification at Eduvos. It cannot be used at another institution.