Eduvos Game Jam and Hackathon 2024.

Eduvos Game Jam and Hackathon 2024.

Post by Eduvos, March 28, 2024.

On Saturday, 23 March, we launched our 2024 Game Jam and Hackathon. This is our second year, and we are proud to continue our partnership with RGB Gaming, pioneers in sustainable esports at learning institutions. 

The Eduvos Game Jam and Hackathon bring together talented Vossies to develop and create an Eduvos game. Participants will form teams and create games in a limited time frame, making for a thrilling and action-packed experience. 

We saw an increase in participation this year which has shown that esports has grown in the hearts and minds of our students. There was great enthusiasm and engagement amongst the students with eager participation to learn, ask questions and get started on their esports journey. Esports is open to all Vossies. We believe our students will find value in participating in esports, regardless of what qualification they are completing.  

As the morning went on, we saw our students who took part, both online and in person come out of their shells. It’s incredible to see how welcoming and engaging our esports community has become. Students who joined without teams felt safe with their peers, reaching out and finding a welcoming space. The response that came through of openness and acceptance display our Eduvos values being lived out by our Vossies. The humanness that our students have been instilled with shows that they are already making a difference in the world, starting with their peers. 

Vossies who missed Hack 1 can catch up and join us for upcoming hacks:

6 April - Game Jam Hackathon 2 

25 May - Game Jam Hackathon 3 

22 June - Game Jam Hackathon 4 

Join a hack online via teams or, if you’re based in Gauteng, you can join one live at our Midrand Campus.  

Check out your Vossie email for the sign-up form or email The best teams will stand the chance to join Eduvos at Comic Con Africa in Johannesburg.  

Join an esports league at your Eduvos campus and become a vossie gamer today.  

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