Recognition of Prior Learning for Access

It is applicable to candidates without required the educational qualification(s) to gain admission into a Bachelor’s degree, but have acquired an abundance of relevant knowledge and skills through work experience, related to the field of study.

Such experiences will be formally assessed to determine if they equate to the admission requirements of a programme. The Institute will allow the candidate to undertake an assessment designed for RPL candidates, which results in provisional admission if successful.

The following competencies are assessed:

a)    Practical competence

b)    Foundational competence

c)    Reflexive competence

RPL Processes

a)    Application

       o    RPL candidates are required to complete an RPL application form, detailing the basis upon which prior learning is recognised.

       o    An application fee, determined annually, is charged.

b)    Assessment

       o    An appropriately qualified staff member and/or subject matter expert will assess the evidence provided against the specified outcomes and make a recommendation in this regard.

             Candidates have the right to appeal against an assessment outcome. The appeals process is stipulated in the Policy: Appeals.

c)    Outcome: Provisional and/or Full Admission

       o    RPL for access’ candidates will, on successful completion of the appropriate assessment and/or evaluation of relevant documentation, be granted provisional admission.

       o    For undergraduate candidates, provisional admission will be converted to full admission on the successful completion of the first two modules of the programme.

       o    Bachelor Honours’ candidates must pass the research methodology module with 60%.
A candidate who has not successfully demonstrated the required competencies against specified outcomes will be denied admission and be re-directed to an appropriate programme.

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