Vossie Feature: International Student Finds Community at Eduvos.

Vossie Feature: International Student Finds Community at Eduvos.

Post by Eduvos, July 9, 2024.

Starting your tertiary education journey is daunting in itself, but choosing to study in another country is something else. Meet Veronica Mwala, a Bachelor of Business Administration student majoring in Accounting and Marketing, who wanted to embrace a different experience at Eduvos.  

Originally from Malawi, Veronica and her family sought a private higher education institution offering diverse degree options and tailored student support. Their choice of an institution became immediately easier after learning about Eduvos through a school visit.  

“Eduvos was very much there from the beginning and they still are, ensuring that you succeed,” says Veronica. “When my parents saw that, they were like, ‘This would be a great institution for you to be in because they are willing to support students’.” 

Embracing a New Environment  
While Veronica was keen on embracing a different experience from that in her own country. She quickly discovered that Eduvos’s inclusive and diverse community eased her fears. With many students from South Africa and abroad, Eduvos boasts an international community where support is valued.  

“It was scary in the first year. Once you get there, you realise that there are so many students from different countries. Once you meet these people and get to know them, you realise they’re in the same boat as you are, away from home,” she shares. “Even with the South African students, some of them are leaving home for the first time too. Everyone is sort of at the starting point, and willing to support one another.” 

Flexibility of Online Learning 
Veronica’s academic journey has been marked by adaptability, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Originally attending in-person classes, she now benefits from the flexibility of online learning. This model has been crucial in balancing her studies with her full-time job. While she enjoys online learning, Veronica shares that the support from lecturers and student advisors remains at the forefront.  

Academic Success 
Throughout her academic journey, Veronica has demonstrated resilience and dedication. She highlights her lecturer’s contribution to her success. “I planned to pursue finance that’s why I came to study business. But then I decided to pursue marketing because my lecturer planted that seed in me. Now, I’m looking at marketing as a solid career path,” she says.  

In addition to her lecturer’s support, Veronica’s hard work paid off when she was selected as one of the GradStar Top 100, after two prior unsuccessful applications. Veronica was awarded as one of DHL Gradstar’s 2023 “Ten of the Finest” winners. This achievement allowed her to showcase her employable skills.  

Looking Ahead 
Veronica reflects on her future with excitement and optimism as she approaches her graduation next year. She looks forward to exploring the broad marketing field and finding her speciality. As she reflects on her past, and carving out her future, Veronica reassures her younger self, and her peers to keep on going. “It's going to be a journey, but it's one not worth giving up on because once you get there, you'll be proud that you made it. Never give up,” she says.  

For those considering studying at Eduvos, Veronica has clear advice. “Go for it. Attend the Eduvos Open Days, interact with lecturers and student advisors, and speak to current students.” 

Veronica’s story emphasises the vibrant, supportive, and diverse community at Eduvos, where international students like her can find a home away from home and thrive in their academic and personal endeavours. 

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