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When it comes to your schoolwork you’ve always gone beyond the possibilities. Just like you, we’re committed to limitless learning.
We see you and we mirror your passion for excellence. That’s why we’re helping you reap the rewards of your hard work with our exciting Scholarship programmes. Let’s explore the criteria.


These scholarships are made available to new students who enrol for a full level qualification for the first time after Grade 12.
You will need to meet the following minimum qualifying criteria:

  • You meet the admission requirements for the qualification you wish to study.
  • You’ve passed all subjects on the Grade 12 Certificate (NSC & IEB) with an overall average of more than 80%.
  • You have the highest average of all students being considered, for your preferred campus.

*Application rankings will be determined by the average percentage obtained on the Grade 12 certificate
 (or equivalent A-levels, IEB).
 Our Cambridge School leavers need to include their Statement of results as well as certificate for AS and A- levels.
 Reach out to your Higher Eductaion Consultant for full terms and conditions.

Application Close on 31 January 2022.

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